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Visitors Insurance in Canada

Planning a trip to Canada? Most Welcome!

Our country is famous for many things – Natural beauty, Fresh Water lakes, Maple Syrup, Snowy and Cold Winters, Politeness, Multiculturism, Northern Lights, Winter Sports, Wildlife and the cool expression “Eh”. However, healthcare expenses can be high if you're not a resident or don't qualify for coverage under the government health insurance plan. Therefore, it's crucial to purchase Visitors to Canada visitor insurance before your arrival!

Who should consider Visitors to Canada Insurance?

Visitors to Canada Insurance is designed for individuals who are not Canadian residents and are visiting the country for a temporary period. This type of insurance is suitable for various individuals, including:

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If you are visiting Canada for leisure or sightseeing.

Visiting Family and Friends:

If you are a non-resident visiting family or friends in Canada.

International Students:

Students from other countries studying in Canada.

Business Travelers:

Individuals traveling to Canada for business purposes.

New Immigrants Waiting for Health Coverage:

New immigrants to Canada who are waiting for their provincial health coverage to commence can use Visitors to Canada Insurance as a temporary solution to cover potential health-related needs.

Foreign Workers:

Individuals working in Canada on a temporary basis may find this insurance valuable to protect against unexpected medical costs.

Anyone Without Canadian Health Coverage:

If you do not qualify for coverage under the government health insurance plan or are not a Canadian resident, having Visitors to Canada Insurance is essential to ensure you have access to necessary healthcare services.

It's crucial for individuals falling into these categories to carefully review the policy details, including coverage limits and exclusions, to ensure that the insurance meets their specific needs during their stay in Canada.

Why you should buy Visitors Insurance while you are in Canada?

Although, Visitors Insurance is not a mandatory requirement by law in Canada, it is crucial not to ignore and neglect upon getting Visitor Insurance. Everyday there are so many visitors and their sponsoring families facing substantial financial challenges, particularly in the event of unexpected medical event and expenses. They have nowhere to go but to spend all their personal funds or create GoFundMe campaigns for community support. Please feel free to look for such instances yourself and then decide GoFundMe

Non-residents in Canada may face substantial expenses for emergency medical care. A ground ambulance can incur from $250 up to $900, while a helicopter service can cost a minimum of approximately $3,000 per hour. In specific hospitals, such as a major one in Toronto, non-residents may be charged $800 for an emergency room visit, $3,700 for a daily ward and up to $6,000 for Intensive care. Some examples of other charges (approximate average) for diagnostic tests like MRIs ($2,500), CT scans ($2,500), Out Patient Diagnostic Tests ($700) and Day Care Surgery ($3,000 and upwards).

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For more in-depth knowledge, some specific scenarios and FAQs about Universal Life Insurance in Canada, please refer to our Blogs


  Benefits of getting Visitor Insurance

Plan options

There are two plans available. One that covers pre-existing stable conditions and one that does not cover any pre-existing conditions.

Seamless and efficient process

Aarna Insurance ensures a smooth and hassle-free process for obtaining Super Visa Insurance. We scan multiple insurance companies on your behalf and provide you with comparative quotes, so that you can chose the right policy and premium for yourself.

Quick and easy interaction

Aarna Insurance provides you with a wallet card for easy communication with the insured during medical emergencies, ensuring prompt assistance. You can change the policy effective date any number of times free of cost, if you change it before the policy effective date.

COVID-19 coverage

Visitor Insurance via Aarna Insurance includes FREE additional coverage of the same amount as the main policy for expenses related to COVID-19 emergencies, if the person is COVID vaccinated.

Refund options

If the visa is not granted or if an individual decide to return home early (without any claims), Aarna Insurance offers refund options, ensuring flexibility for the policyholders.

Couple insurance option

There is a 5% additional discount, if you are securing a policy for both parents or grandparents to be covered simultaneously.

Refund options

If the visa is not granted or if an individual decide to return home early (without any claims), Aarna Insurance offers refund options, ensuring flexibility for the policyholders.

Direct connections to healthcare providers

The insurance company is directly linked to hospitals and doctors, expediting claim processing and enabling direct payments to medical facilities.

Emergency coverage

Visitor insurance policy through us provides coverage for various emergency medical expenses, including accidental dental, diagnostics and lab, prescribed medical bills, medical evacuation/emergency return home, air ambulance, accidental death and many more benefits. Please refer the policy wording document.

Before purchasing Critical Illness Insurance, it's advisable to carefully read and understand the policy terms, consult with our licensed insurance advisor, and assess your specific needs to determine if it's the right fit for you.


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